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School Kids – sherpas or students?

Sometimes I see school children carrying around so much stuff they look like a sherpa on the way up a Himalayan mountain!   Such is the reality of today’s demands on our kid’s lives. They have to carry a back pack for school and other activities, right? So at Health First Physio, we strongly recommend that you take the time to make sure your child’s back pack is fitted appropriately.

To measure your child for a back pack, follow this simple procedure:

  • Maximum height: measure the distance between the shoulder line and the waist line and add 2 inches. (see diagram above).
  • Width of the back: measure this between the outside edges of the shoulder blades. It is OK to have an extra inch or two for this measurement.

Use these 2 measurements to determine the ideal backpack height and width. The backpack should fit between a line two inches below the shoulders and about two to four inches below the waist. Remember – the backpack should be no larger than your child’s back.

To see a diagram of the above measurements, click here: http://0.tqn.com/d/ergonomics/1/0/u/-/-/-/childbackpackfitguide.jpg


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