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Preventing Falls

SO, I’ve always been clumsy. How do I overcome that?

The first step to having a better chance of staying on your feet when you slip is to have good overall strength and flexibility. Regular strength and balance exercise gets your body accustomed to making postural adjustments as you move. It is this ability for your body to make quick adjustments that can turn a trip and fall into a stumble and recovery.

Where do I start?

If you have not exercised regularly for many months or years, it is important to consult with your physician to review any precautions that you should take. Otherwise, start with a balance of light cardio-vascular exercise (such as stationary biking or light walking) and strength/flexibility exercises. It is a good idea to attend an instructed exercise class where you will be taught exercises appropriate for your age group and physical capacity. If you are fairly out of shape, you can do a lot in both a sitting and lying down position, before you embark on standing strength and balance activities.

And Remember:

Be aware of potential dangers at home. Most falls happen in the bathroom. Install handrails, make sure floors are not left wet, and watch for loose rugs and carpets. No socks on hard surface floors. Don’t lean on furniture with casters.

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