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Bracing for Knee Pain

Unloader brace

Unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee. Degenerative changes in the knee.

… What do these terms mean?

The knee  is divided into two compartments. These compartments are called medial(inner) and lateral(outer). With time and the natural course of aging, the bony surfaces of the knee may become worn down. This wear and tear process is referred to as degenerative change, or osteoarthritis. Certain factors may accelerate this degernative process. Factors that cause accelerated degenerative changes may include an untreated previous injury, excessive loading from high impact sports, or other non-mechanical  factors. When just one compartment of the knee – usually the medial compartment – is affected, this is called unicompartmental degeneration.

Bracing Options:

Your physician may recommend that a brace would be helpful in managing the pain of your degenerative knee. An unloader brace such as the Breg™ OA brace is the appropriate choice. You may preview this at http://www.breg.com/knee-bracing/oa/fusion-oa.html. If you also have patellofemoral (knee cap joint) symptoms, there are other options to assist in pain in this area. This type of brace may reduce pain in walking and other “on your feet” activities.

Bracing Trial:

Health First Physiotherapy now offers a trial program for off the shelf unloader braces. For a nominal cost of $50, you may trial the Breg™ OA brace. The fee will be deducted from the cost of a brace if you decide to purchase a brace for ongoing use.

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